Who I Am

As noted I have a triple skillset, and as such am open to intriguing roles, contracts & possibilities (for previous experience do see my Credentials). When you have an unusual CV that covers architecture / property / design from multiple perspectives, one holds out for those rare roles & opportunities that require an integrated perspective.


On the one hand, I am extensively trained in Architecture & Interior Design and have worked on numerous contracts in this capacity. I am also highly experienced in Communications, Editorial Consultancy, Thought Leadership Content & Ghostwriting, and in Marketing & PR, and have an extensive professional track record in these fields.

Ultimately the Built Environment is my career playground. Most recently and following a PGCert in Real Estate Finance & Investment, I have also come to a view as times have changed about the improbability of separating architecture / design from finance. As such I am increasingly interested in what I call a *Design+Invest* perspective.

I also have very strong further interests in both a) Holistic Wellbeing, and b) Luxury Goods, Luxury Branding strategies & luxury goods Trend Prediction, especially as they relate to Real Estate, Conservation & Interiors (including textiles, antiques & fine art). 

On a personal note, aside from being an art & antiques collector (on a very minor scale - but still my pieces range from Tracey Emin lithographs to scroll-fronted antique filing cabinets and art deco jewellry & porcelain), I am also very strongly interested in Luxury Retail & Retail Real Estate, animal welfare & nutrition for health.