• 6 years design training and numerous freelance contracts covering Interior Design, set design & Design Lecturing / Critique, with exceptional mood-boarding & hand-drawing skills and unusually strong interiors photography skills.

  • Communications, PR, Editorial Consultant & Ghostwriter with 20+ years of experience, including for very high profile and award-winning clients in their fields. Reputation for helping clients and in particular first-time authors to both clarify & express their expertise.‚Äč

  • Conversant with Development Appraisals & Residual Land Value bids and a growing interest in balanced Real Estate Portfolios from an investor perspective.

  • Extensive knowledge of Planning law including Listed Buildings Consents & CIL. Particular expertise & interest in impacts of redesigns on heritage policy. 

  • Training & professional experience in design and build phase aspects – Architecture, Interior Design (Retail & Residential), heritage & sensitive refurbishment, building consultancy/surveying, solid knowledge of Building Regs (and exemptions); understanding of assets as part of wider portfolio/estate.

  • Market research/horizon-scanning - bigger picture economic analysis, qualitative research & insights, & publication-quality reports.

  • Interest in interiors trend-prediction as well as Real Estate forecasting.